The pitcher plants:

Cephalotus folliculatus, Nepenthes mirabilis, Sarracenia, Heliamphora, Darlingtonia californica

Cephalotus folliculatus, with a frog in a pitcher (left). The pitchers of Cephalotus are small and close to the ground (right). In addition to pitchers, the plant also grows normal leaves.

a pitcher of Nepenthes mirabilis

Nepenthes mirabilis

a branch of Nepenthes mirabils (Australia)

upright pitchers of Sarracenia flava (North Carolina)

the pitchers of Sarracenia rubra are close to the ground. Clickable image gives more pictures of S.rubra

long and narrow pitchers of Sarracenia minor
Heliamphora is a South American pitcher plant. It is endemic to the Tepuis of Venezuela  

young pitchers of Darlingtonia californica

pitcher of Darlingtonia californica

flower of Darlingtonia californica