Scientific Publications

Proteomics, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

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Proteomics Method Development

Zauber H, Schulze WX (2012) Proteomics wants cRacker: Automated standardized data analysis of LC/MS derived proteomic data. Journal of Proteome Research, 11 (11): 5548-5555

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Nutrient Transport and Sensing

Schulze WX, Schneider T, Starck S, Martinoia E, Trentmann O (2012) Cold acclimation induces changes in Arabidopsis tonoplast protein abundance and activity and alters phosphorylation of tonoplast monosaccharide transporters. Plant Journal, 69 (3): 529-541

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*equal contribution

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*equal contribution

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Carbon Metabolism in Arabidopsis

Pyl ET, Piques M, Ivakov A, Schulze W, Ishihara H, Stitt M, Sulpice R. (2012) Metabolism and growth in Arabidopsis depend on the daytime temperature but are temperature-compensated against cool nights. Plant Cell, 24 (6): 2443-2469

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Carnivorous Plants

Schulze WX*, Sanggaard KW*, Kreuzer I, Knudsen AD, Bemm F, Thogersen IB, Bräutigam A, Thomsen LR, Schliesky S, Dyrlund TF, Escalante-Pérez M, Becker D, Schulz J, Karring H, Weber A, Hojrup P, Hedrich R, Enghild JJ (2012) The protein composition of the digestive fluid from the Venus flytrap sheds light on prey digestion mechanisms. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, accepted
*equal contribution

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Plant Ecology

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Reviews and Book Chapters

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Collaborative Work

Mastrobuoni G, Irgang S, Pietzke M, Wenzel M, Assmus HE, Schulze WX, Kempa S (2012) Proteome dynamics and early salt stress response of the photosynthetic organism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. BMC Genomics, 13 (1): 215

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